A sound designing project in which the Brother’s Room worked with FGreat, approached to create an explainer film that would illustrate in an easy-to-understand way the functionalities and benefits of the Integrated Open Development Platform, a tool designed by AVL, the world’s largest independent company for the development of powertrain systems.

Created with CG, the video designs the entire vehicle development process, from office to road, highlighting production stages such as simulation model, execution and testing environment and automation system, linked together by the new platform, improving efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of car manufactures. The piece of content also shows IODP as an intelligent data manager and flexible tool, interconnecting already existing in-house and 3rd parties interfaces.

A stylish production that masterfully translated a complex idea into a didactic explanation and successfully demonstrated IODP as a solution to developers to integrate real and virtual environments in one framework.


  • Sound Design